Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


In this CISO certification training, you will learn what other CISO's are focusing their time and attention on. Among the key topics, you will learn how to implement the proven best practices that make for successful cyber security leadership.

3 hours 54 minutes
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Course Description

Looking to improve, or certify as an existing Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or perhaps you are looking to move into a CISO role sometime in the future. In this online CISO certification training course, you will learn what other CISO's are focusing their time and attention on. Among the key topics, you'll learn how to implement the proven best practices that make for successful cyber security leadership. The CISO course includes the following key topics; Governance, Management, Auditing, Projects, Technologies, Operations, Strategy, and Financing.

What Does the CISO Certification Training Entail?

Cybrary's online CISO certification course covers essential topics that all Chief Information Security Officers need to know to successfully perform in leadership roles in the business and technology industry. It prepares IT professionals by covering areas including management, governance, projects, auditing, technologies, strategy, operations, and financing in the IT realm. Because the CISO is an essential part of over 80% of all U.S. organizations, it's important that they are skilled in the following areas, which are included in CISO training:

  • Security Investment & Measurement
  • Digital Transformation (DT): Security Implications
  • Cyber Risk Management & Security Metrics
  • Operational Cyber Resilience
  • Enterprise Security Governance & Planning
  • Realistic Security
  • Effective Incident Response
  • Managing Operational Threat
  • Developing a Crisis Communications Strategy
  • Information Security Law
  • Social Engineering
  • Building an Insider Threat Program
  • External Dependency Management

The CISO online course is a total of 4 hours of clock time, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the training.

What Are the Prerequisites for the CISO Course?

There are some recommended prerequisites for the CISO course that include:

  • Security networking knowledge
  • At least a base level understanding of COBIT, ITIL, CISSP, PCI, NIST and HIPAA
  • Security management and auditing experience (CISM and CISA)
  • At least two years of IT or IT security experience

Who Should Take this CISO Training Program?

Anyone who desires to obtain an initial CISO certification or those who are current CISOs looking to improve or refresh knowledge and skills regarding their roles. The CISO course also prepares current CISOs for renewal of their certification who want to stay updated on the latest industry trends.

What Does a Chief Information Security Officer Do?

The Chief Information Security Officer is fundamentally the leader of an IT security department of an organization and its staff. It is a senior level position that is responsible for establishing, implementing, and managing a company's vision and for protecting all information and technology assets. CISOs are required to possess experience and the leadership and communication skills that are needed to resolve information security threats. They often create efficient and effective processes that protect the interests of their organizations, demonstrating their skill and innovative strengths. Typically, those in the CISO role oversee and lead projects and initiatives concerning the comprehensive technology security of a business or organization. It isn't unusual for CISOs working for large organizations to partner with law enforcement, the FBI, and the government on corporate security concerns.

What Types of Salaries do Chief Information Security Officers Earn?

In the U.S., IT professionals in the CISO role earn an average annual salary of $134,220. The annual salary range for CISO certified employees is $74,182 to $239,407.

What Is Involved in the CISO Certification Exam?

CISO certification consists of an exam with 150 multiple choice questions to be completed within a two-and-a-half-hour period. Applicants my find the test questions difficult, requiring extensive evaluation and thought. The CISO certification exam includes question in the following five domains:

  1. Governance (Legal, Policy, and Compliance)
  2. IS Management Controls and Audit Management
  3. Management of Projects, Technology and Operations
  4. Information Security Core Concepts
  5. Strategic Planning and Finance

Applicants must demonstrate a proficiency in all five domains, regardless of whether they currently have experience in each domain. The application fee for the CISO certification exam is $100, and certification is valid for one year.