Introduction to Becoming a Cybersecurity Manager

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course and this video. I want to talk about the cybersecurity manager job role. There's a lot of different job titles that might be associated with this particular type of role.
This is a mawr experienced role. So in this video, we're gonna talk about what a cybersecurity manager is. Some of the common job responsibilities. We're gonna keep it pretty generic in this particular video, because again, as I mentioned, there are a lot of different jobs out there. If you search on, like indeed or other job boards, that
will be around cybersecurity management. But they'll have different titles, different responsibilities, so we'll talk about Some of them are generalized responsibilities you can expect.
And we'll also talk about some of the skills that you're gonna wanna have to be successful as a cyber security manager, as well as some of the common search. You might see a cybersecurity manager getting and the generally salary range for a cybersecurity manager again, keeping in mind that
this is a experience type of position. So whether you're coming from experience in management or experience as a practitioner, technically
this is a rule that you're gonna get after a few years experience, not as somebody entry level, Just trying to get your start in this particular industry.
So with cyber security managers, basically these air individuals that are responsible for managing
the team that actually monitors like operations, infrastructure of the organization, they're also gonna in some instances, monitor management policy compliance, whether it's internal or external policies, they might also
manage regulation compliance. So ah, lot of different things might make up what you are going to do as a cyber security management. Generally speaking, you're gonna have a team under you, and you're gonna be in some capacity
working around risk management or compliance. And there might be some other things tacked on there as well.
And typically you're also gonna have a MAWR risk focused approach. And again, that depends on if you're gonna be like a sock manager,
security, security, operation center, manager or cyber security manager
or privacy manager, or any number of those. But generally speaking, in most organizations, you're gonna take more of a risk centered approach.
So where does some of the common responsibilities of a cybersecurity manager well,
individuals that are gonna oversee assessments and audits whether their internal or external assessments
they're gonna
be overseeing the entire process on that
being coming, that ambassador for the security team. So being that Ambassador for Security teams with other business units. So making sure that finances on board with what you're doing or the executive team is on board with what you're doing. So really just being that visible component to make sure that the security team has everything that they need,
and we focus on securing the organization as best as we can.
Possibly, as I mentioned, focused on compliance. So monitoring for regulatory compliance, policy compliance,
developing a reviewing and even modifying information security policies, privacy policies, modifying the processes that we're doing like, Are we doing the most efficient processing? Possibly also creating or maintaining the company's business continuity, planning and disaster recovery planning as well.
So what are some comments Skills that you need to be successful in this type of role? Well, negotiation skills, because you're gonna be negotiating budget, you're gonna be negotiating with your team. You're gonna be negotiating with other business units, so you really need to have some solid negotiation skills, time management skills. This is not a job where you can just work like a
8 to 5 or 9 to 5 and kick up your feet. At the end of the day, you're gonna be very busy. You're gonna working a lot a lot of long hours. Sometimes you might work rotating shifts as if you're working like in a sock center, for example. So it's gonna take some really good time management skills to manage all those things you have to do
from a technical standpoint. And again, you don't have to be. You don't have to have a technical background necessarily to be a cybersecurity manager or sock
manager. But it's a really, really good idea, right, because you want to be that leader on your team, and it's a really good idea to get that tow. Have the skill set going in now if you don't have the skill set going in like I said it. In some organizations, it's not necessarily a barrier to entry, but keep in mind that you want to get up
your technical skills at some point.
So having that background like incident response, working in a sock center experience of forensic packet capture analysis
under just understanding like when an attack occurs. What do we do? Having a background in compliance and that sort of thing, like understanding from a technical aspect? How could we actually implement these things? Right? So, for example, there's a lot of, like privacy experts out there that don't understand how to implement from a technical standpoint. So if we think of it in that context
as a cyber security manager, we wanna know. How could we actually take thes regulations and industry standards and actually go implement them? Not just a bunch of theory, but actually go implement them. So we need to have a good understanding of industry regulation, industry standards and regulatory standards. So things like this G d. P r
PC idea cess
eso hip sock, too. So just depending on your particular organizations, vertical. That's what we want to make sure we focus on
experience in auditing or the ability to actually perform security compliance audits. So just having that background in auditing or being able to do that is definitely a skill set you wanna have.
And then, as I mentioned before, one of the common things is developing those security policies right and in different processes. So you really need to have an ability to develop, review, modify those different information security policies and privacy policies and all the processes around those.
So what are some of the common certifications you might see a cybersecurity manager getting well, things like C s SP, especially if they're working in a sock center. A sock manager. You might see them getting CSP.
Schism is another very popular one for cyber security managers. See, risk is another one that you might see out there depending on how much they're doing in the risk management space
and says it as well. So the auditor certification might be another one. You see them getting us well,
cyber screening manager salary. So what's the general range here? Well, typically speaking around 100 10,000 all the way up through 1 60 lot of jobs are in the 1 72 100 plus range here in the US
in the U. K. 53 to about 100,000 plus pounds, and in India, 680,000 over +22 million plus rupees again, keeping in mind that your salary might be lower or it might be a lot higher, depending on the company. The industry. You're working in the location you're in, etcetera, etcetera.
So just a quick quiz question here for you so you can get a job. Is a cybersecurity manager without having that technical expertise?
Is that true or false?
So if you guess true, you are correct Right again. I mentioned that in some instances, depending on the company, the particular job etcetera, you can get into a role as a cyber security manager or socks, center manager or any number of different jobs
without having that technical extra expertise. You know, there's things like cloud security manager that's going to require technical expertise usually, But maybe things like compliance Manager, you might be able to get a job like that or is a mention socks, center manager, Compliance from risk Manager You may not have toe have that actual hands on keyboard technical expertise.
So in this video, we just talked about what a cybersecurity manager is. We talked about that there are a lot of different things you could do. Could be sock manager, cybersecurity, manager, cloud security manager, cloud security compliance manager or some of the titles out there. I've seen information security manager, business continuity manager,
cyber security analyst, team manager. So you could again kind of manage that sock team or that team of analysts.
It could be, uh, cyber operations manager risk manager. So cyber risk manager, cybersecurity risk manager data, privacy manager
Even def. SEC ops Manager David, security manager.
I mean information assurance manager. I mean, the list literally goes on. If you just do a search on a job board for cybersecurity manager and then and then you look at some of the skills we talked about and you search for those. You can literally find hundreds of different job title names
around. The more generalized our security manager, right? So
just focus on getting the skill set. You need to be successful in the role and then just know there's a lot of job openings out there.
We also talked about some of the common skills you might want to get to be a successful cybersecurity manager. We talked about some of the common certifications, so things like schism or system,
and we also talked about general salary range you can expect as a cybersecurity manager
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